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September 15, 2010
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AA - vs. Jonathan: Part 3 by enochcorp AA - vs. Jonathan: Part 3 by enochcorp
(Hey, you can see where I got my icon.)

So, a few comments.

I tried a lot of experimental stuff in this round, obviously. The final round probably wasnít the best entry to fool around with in case things fell through, but I donít like using the same techniques for too long. Iím particularly proud of the lighting effect I got in the cavern shots. (Super sparkly shinyness!) Not sure how Iíll incorporate it in future deviations, though. Maybe all my pictures will take place in caves with glowy crystals from now on. :XD:

Writing-wise, this was more difficult to put together than ďvs. Gin.Ē Mostly because it was harder to peg whoíd be the aggressor in this round. I think Henry and Jonathan would get along in different circumstances. But in the end they both had such big hero complexes that they ended up fighting. Ha, ha.

Anyway, this tourney was a great experience and a perfect way to get me practicing throughout the summer. I feel like my drawing skills have improved in great leaps and bounds Ėeven this entry looks a little outdated to me. (And I know better than to use a font that has lower case for type setting. Just bear with me until I figure out how to download nicer fonts into my laptop.) Iím really looking forward to applying my new skills in future deviations. Iím also glad the tourney wasnít too long or complicatedĖit would have been a baptism by fire otherwise. Everyone was really friendly and a good sport. That being said, I donít think Iíll join another tourney again. It was every demanding. (Well, maybe once I forget how much work it took, and if I feel like pimping out Henry and Pietro again, then...?)

A big thank you to *Persnicketese for extending the deadline and to ~Musashi-Twist for dealing with all my questions and my cryptic-ness about Henry and Pietro. (They really do have a story behind them, honest!) Best of luck to Musashi-Twist and his entry; letís see how this all goes down.

Page one: [link]
Page two: [link]

Henry and Pietro (c) me
Jonathan Nathaniel Brewer, Brai, and Kayla Hanson (Johnny's lady-friend) (c) :iconmusashi-twist:
Ravencroft, Ectabanon (c) :iconpersnicketese:

Brushes: *concept-on-mac, *yumedust, ~Leichnam, and ~Finsternis-stock.
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avroillusion Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010
Nicely done. I think tou should have your own webcomic.
Persnicketese Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010
Bravo! Bravo! This was amazing! Simply amazing! You wove a good story around beautiful visuals and managed to once again make me feel for the characters. Especially Jonathan. You got me teary eyed again. I think you have a great skill for telling an emotionally moving story.

I'm glad you joined the tourney and it's been a privilege and an honor having you enter. Good luck to you <3
NumberGamma Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010   Filmographer
Also, good luck!
NumberGamma Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010   Filmographer
Oh wow, this was so wonderful!
I love how you portrayed their emotions, and the dialogue was great!
Really nice job ^^
PhantomSeptember Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010
Oh man! This entry was definitely worth the wait! I love it! I think the lighting throughout, not just in the caves, was spectacular. Sad to hear you might not enter another tourney, it was great having been able to compete against you. I'm rooting for you! Not enough good can been said about this entry. :D

Stupid Hyde, if only he was patient enough to wait for this awesome ending. >(

I can't even imagine how much work this took, awesome job. :D
enochcorp Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I nearly went insane doing this entry, but I'm glad it turned out so well. Hyde should have stuck around for the super sparklyness. It’s not sunlight, so it wouldn’t hurt him or anything. ;)
PhantomSeptember Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010
XD He totally should have.

I wish I wouldn't keep putting off finishing the SE entry... it seems almost pointless now since the Tourney's over.... :\
Akaikane Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010
Oh man, I loved your entry so much--it was ridiculously good. The art, the story, everything was wonderful. It'll be a tough cal between you and ~Musashi-Twist, but you did an excellent job. Best of luck!
Musashi-Twist Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This has left me speechless. Words cannot describe how much I love this entry enochcorp.
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